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Office of Social Services, Economic Development and Human Rights of the Archdiocese of Kampala

About US

Caritas Kampala (CK) is the social services and economic development Department of the Catholic Church in Kampala Archdiocese that was started in 1973 as the Socio-Economic Department but became fully established in 1986 as the arm mandated to carry socio-pastoral activities within the administrative districts of: Mpigi, Kampala and Wakiso with an area of 3,644.75 square kilometers and an estimated population of 6,077,716 people spread across the 60 Ecclesiastical functioning Parishes. Our people are mainly peasant farmers who grow crops on a subsistence level and a few of them carry out petty trade. Caritas derives inspiration from sacred scripture and the social teaching of the Catholic Church which 

upholds integral and sustainable development, preferential option for the poor, respect for human dignity through mutual understanding, love, solidarity, justice and peace.

The main functions of Caritas are animation (training with the purpose creating awareness & participation towards better livelihood) and coordination (harmonizing people in teams, groups, associations & cooperatives that are vital in the proper sharing and improvement of the available resources).

Under Caritas Kampala we have the following specific Departments:

  • Sustainable Agriculture Program (SAP)

  • Central Archdiocesan Province Caritas Association (CAPCA)

  • Cooperatives

  • Charities

  • Women in Development

  • Water and Sanitation

  • Climate Change

  • Justice and Peace

The success of CARITAS KAMPALA is primarily judged on how well it pursues its vision, mission, core business/work, values, methods of work, strategic objectives and activities in relation to its mandate.


A self sustaining Family of God founded on love, solidarity and reconciliation.


To progressively build a holistic integrated and self-sustaining family of God through holistic and integrated approaches.

Our Work at a Glance
  • Supporting sustainable livelihoods

  • Strengthening cooperatives

  • Building community resilience against Climate Change effects

  • Delivering WASH and menstrual hygiene interventions to enhance the potential of women

  • Providing social support and basic needs for the most marginalized in the community

  • Promoting good governance and human rights

Our Impact

In 2018 Caritas reached 33,876 beneficiaries directly, and 203,256 indirectly through the implementation of its programs.

Our Philosophy

CARITAS KAMPALA Philosophy's is driven by the following core values: integrity, accountability, client focus, sustainability and team work.

Caritas Uganda & Caritas Kampala

CARITAS UGANDA (CU) is the National overall coordinating body for 19 Caritas Organizations named after their respective dioceses that link to Caritas Internationalis in Rome. At the National level, CU organizes: animation, coordination, representation and information under the wise guidance of the CU President, Archbishop Dr.Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, the board and staff. Every year a National Caritas Commission meets at least once to: review its operations, plan for the next year, induct new members and handle ardent situational issues. Besides, Caritas Kampala has played an active role in most of the tasks assigned by CU towards the implementation of the CU Strategic Plan 2004-2009.

Hence, Caritas is the social –pastoral arm of the Catholic Church in Uganda. Through CARITAS the Church aims at creating a more just society by working with all people of different categories who share Caritas vision of spreading charity, social justice and integrated development. Furthermore, the Church contributes to the translation of the Christian message of love of neighbor, compassion and solidarity into contemporary actions for the sake of the poorest in our society. Lastly, through Caritas, the Church aims at responding to the acute human needs resulting from major emergencies.

CARITAS KAMPALA is the executive arm of the Catholic Church in Uganda mandated by the Uganda Episcopal Conference to carry out socio-economic development activities in the Archdiocese of Kampala irrespective of their cultures, religions or political affiliations.  Definition of policies and priorities, reflection, animation by technical staff and coordination is guided by the President of CK, the Board, and  the Director.

Caritas Kampala