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100WEEKS is a platform that enables people around the world to send money directly to women living in poverty. Via 100WEEKS these women receive temporary cash for permanent change. The women themselves decide how to spend the money, without any conditions. The way we make this possible is via mobile money.


We select groups of 20 poor women to start the 100WEEKS journey together. They will receive €8,- mobile money every Monday morning for a period of 100 weeks. The women themselves decide how to spend the money they receive.  They get a weekly training to advise them on to deal with the money in a sensible way, and they will receive a phone call every other month in which they will be asked questions about their wellbeing.

After 100WEEKS the women should be able to remain out of poverty and sustain a higher standard of life for her and her family.



100WEEKS starts a partnership with Caritas Kampala to execute the program.

Caritas Kampala, as the local partner, should meet the following criteria:

  • Strong roots in the local community , license to operate

  • Capable of making the right and independent selection of women for the 100WEEKS program according to the 100WEEKS guidelines

  • Capable of selecting suitable coaches for the beneficiaries

  • Basic level of financial management

The Caritas Kampala is responsible for delivering a project manager and (depending on the size of the project in the concerning country) a local operations manager to execute the program.


Caritas Kampala will select a parish/community that is a suitable location to execute the 100WEEKS program.  Caritas Kampala will talk with either the priest of the parish or the head of the community to explain the 100WEEKS program. Afterwards Caritas Kampala will evaluate and decide together with the 100Weeks country director/chief of party whether this parish/community is suitable and motivated to join the 100WEEKS program.

If they decide to collaborate, they together select a coach. The coach is responsible for the management of the beneficiaries. She will make a pre-selection of the women, will be the first point of contact for the women and will organise the weekly training. She will stay in close contact with the project manager (and operations manager).


The coach has to meet the following criteria:

  1. Woman

  2. Someone where the beneficiaries can associate with.

  3. At least level teacher primary school

  4. Understanding the basics of financial diaries and entrepreneurship

  5. Being able to facilitate and coach a group of 20 women


Caritas Kampala always needs to have a list of women that are suitable for the 100WEEKS program. These women have the status pre-selected. It needs to be clearly communicated to them that it can take some months before they move to the status selected and they can start in the program.

The pre-selection will be done by the coach. She will go into the field and visit women to see who would be suitable for the 100WEEKS program. The women need to meet the following criteria:

1. Extremely poor: lowest income quintile      

2. Woman (Married or widow, with some responsibility to look after a family),

3. Aged between 20 and 40 Old

4. Having a small income generating activity, (an initiative but with few means to realize it)

5. Willing to work hard in order to move out of poverty

6. Being of recognized integrity

7. Accepting to adhere to 100WEEKS values and respond to any question that may be asked in the framework of the program

7. Ideal: having basic literacy skills: writing, reading and basic calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication). If not: these need to be trained.

8. Overall composition of group should be as representative as possible of the composition of the local population.


Ethical bottom line: No exclusion, no discrimination.


The coach will make a pre-selection of suitable women, she will discuss this with the priest. In case they agree, the women will get the status pre-selected.

After our local team receives the message from the country director/chief of party, that the funds are available for the start of a new group, the 20 women that have been in the pre-selected status for the longest period of time can move to the status selected.  The local partner, the coach, and (if possible) the enumerators will visit the women during which they conduct the Nebu Baseline survey and write 5 short biographies of a subset of women.

They will use the collected information to do a cross check whether the selected women are really suitable for the 100WEEKS program. If this is not the case they will inform (and if necessary discuss with) the country director/chief of party and select other pre-selected women to start the program.


Caritas Kampala

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