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Office of Social Services, Economic Development and Human Rights of the Archdiocese of Kampala

Stories of Change

“Before joining the farmer group I used to cultivate my plot, but I could hardly reap anything. I used to depend on handouts from my children who stay in Kampala. Sometimes we could sleep on empty stomachs because we lacked food. However, as I speak now we always feed on 3 meals a day and at worst at least 2 meals a day. Thanks to the SAP, which has sensitized us to better utilize the small pieces of land at our disposal to earn a living.”

Philiomena Babirye's Story of Change


William Kakanga - KADCOS Nsambya members

“Initially, I took three loans to renovate the family house for renting. Additionally, two loans were used to buy two vehicles to initiate a business of transporting construction material. I later engaged in two additional businesses; fabricating bricks and a 35acre banana plantation. In total, these investments have been generating ten permanent jobs for the family and community members. I have been able to send all my children to the university; three already graduated and two yet to graduate”.

William Kakanga - KADCOS Nsambya members benefited with loans


kibirge 2.jpg

“My sincere thanks to Caritas Kampala and its staff for supporting me to walk this journey. Had it not been the support of Caritas Kampala through trainings in sustainable agriculture techniques my family would be in a desperate situation economically but now it is not the case. We can drink milk, afford to pay for medical expenses, and one of our children graduated from University and is now working and earning salary able to sustain him and his family. I am taken as community opinion leader and famous in my village”.

Mr. Kibirige Emmanuel's Story of Change


Miss Immaculate - A KADCOS Nsambya membe

“After the death of my husband, I had no source of income to bring up our 9 children. It was when I joined KADCOS Nsambya Cooperatives that my life started to improve. I took several loans to build seven rental rooms to generate income for the household. Every month, I get Shs 1,750,000 from the rental rooms. I also have a brick making business where I employ a manual worker, an engineer, two builders and one aide. As a result, I have been able to support the education of my children, one in Canada and the other in Denmark, and bought a plot of land for another son”.

Miss Immaculate



"The 80 Climate Change Focal Persons trained were crucial to our work as they have leveraged their knowledge and skills during 80 workshops held, assisting in community mobilization and awareness creation. The mitigation measures introduced have seen community members embracing new technologies, renewable energies and tree planting, resulting in 36 families adopting solar lights, 24 using energy saving stoves, 180 planting 9000 trees, alongside 30,000 stabilized soil bricks produced by the new machine acquired."




PROMIC beneficiary.jpg

Ms. Nantale Berna, a 78 years widow joined PROMIC  in 2000 with 300,00/= in as initial loan and 30,000/= as initial saving. From this amount she bought restaurant equipment (Saucepans, tables, etc) to start a restaurant business. Used saving from the restaurant plus another loan in the next cycle to build a local cake stove to begin cake baking. Currently, she owns a house for accommodation.  She's a sole distributor of cakes in Mpigi District and she has managed to educate 4 relatives to tertiary level (teachers) and a religious nun in Gogonya Congregation, currently working at Nsambya Parish.

Nantale Berna


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