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Office of Social Services, Economic Development and Human Rights of the Archdiocese of Kampala

Ethics & Policies

#1. Ethical Code


Caritas Kampala requires all the employees to conduct themselves in a responsible and Christian manner whether on duty or not. It is not very prudent to have a list of do’s and don’ts, rather the organization prefers to groom its employees into responsible Christians who own the policy document and live by it.
Employees shall not use Caritas Kampala for political or partisan interests. They are expected to relate with one another with utmost professionalism, courtesy and trust guided by Catholic principles and values.


  • Dress Code

Employees are expected to maintain a neat appearance and dress appropriately for their tasks. Employees must conform to the generally accepted Catholic standards as well as business-like dress code in their work locality.Employees must convey professionalism to all who interact with Caritas Kampala and such attitude will inspire confidence. Work attire must be culturally sensitive to the sense of common decency in each local context.

  • Loyalty

Caritas Kampala expects all employees to fulfill their role with dedication to their functions and with loyalty, bearing in mind that the employer is a catholic education center which works in sometimes difficult circumstances under varying conditions. In recognition of employer’s no political and nonsectarian status, an employee shall not engage in any such activity that may impinge upon employer’s (1) mandate and /or reputation, (2) contractual agreement with its funding/donor agency and other partners.

  • Confidentiality

An employee is bound not to divulge any information about the employer’s activities where this may harm the implementation of those activities, unless demanded to do so duly by authorized officials’ representatives of the Uganda Government. Even in such an event, the employee should consult with the administrators of Caritas Kampala beforehand.

#2. Polices


The policies and procedures stated therein are intended to:


  • Create an understanding for all staff about the terms and conditions of service.

  • Create smooth relationships among staff and enable them to serve efficiently.

  • Create professional and developmental working environments for all staff.

  • Protect and safeguard the rights of all staff.


Click here to download a soft-copy of Caritas- Kampala Policies

#3. Complaints


We urge remarks and feedback in relation to our services to be communicated and deliberated with the accountable Caritas Kampala team who knows well the activities. If the inconveniences cannot be resolved or if they are of crucial, the complaint method on our Caritas Kampala website can be used, and/or any of our members could be contacted.