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Office of Social Services, Economic Development and Human Rights of the Archdiocese of Kampala

Justice and Peace


J&P Archdiocese of Kampala is the social arm of the Catholic Church, mandated from the second Vatican Council.  It is inspired by the Gospel and Compendium of the Social Teaching of the Church for the promotion of reconciliation, love, justice, human rights and peace. It operates in 68 parishes in Kampala, Wakiso, Mpigi and Butambala district, through well instituted structures and systems.  It addresses the challenge of society's inability to effectively prevent and respond to the socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental conflicts, injustices, inequalities and human rights abuses.

Through advocacy, promotion of alternative dispute resolution/mediation, paralegal & legal aid, civic education and engagement as well as counseling, J&P builds on the resourcefulness of communities, families and individuals and empowers them to effectively respond to the demands for human dignity and enjoyment of true peace.

J&P works for an inspired society enjoying a just, peaceful and charitable environment at all levels and bearing witness to its faith.

New Projects

The department has engaged in two new projects in 2019, one to  address the urban refugee issue entitled “Integrating Urban refugees and Asylum seekers through Protection and Empowerment” supported by the Diocese of Rottenrberg-Germany, and the other on gender based violence called SAFE HOME using the Cultural Religious Sensitive Counselling mode, l funded by the Italian Episcopal Conference through House of Life-Italy and Uganda.

Latest Achievements

  • Launched a forum with South Sudanese refugee community organizations in Uganda-Jupec.

  • In liaison with Caritas Uganda and South Sudanese refugee community associations organized an interfaith prayer day for peace in South Sudan.

  • Trained a member of the Archdiocesan Mediation team in “Peace Building and Conflict Transformation in Communities and Families for Women” in Ethiopia, funded by ACCORD in liaison with UJCC.

  • Instituted 3 teams of community mediators in Kajjansi Town Council, Busukuma Municipality and Namayumba to mediate land conflicts.

  • Conducted a mobile free legal aid clinic in Kajjansi Town Council, Busukuma Municipality and Namayumba with assistance from CAFOD through the National Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace, Uganda Episcopal Conference.

  • Trained 30 community mediators in land and property rights to disseminate their learning to community members during 10 sensitization workshops in  Kajjansi Town Council, Busukuma Municipality and Namayumb.

  • Organized a training in Deepening Democracy for local government councilors and the media in Mpigi district in conjunction with the National Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace.

  • Conducted a program on Radio Maria every Friday on social, political, economic, cultural and environmental rights.


Caritas Kampala

Justice and Peace